eBay’s Playbook for Social Business Adoption

Mark Fidelman recently sat down with me and Ramin Mobasseri to go through how we have built social here at eBay.

eBay’s going social. Its protagonists are building the next generation social platform called the HUB, to increase employee engagement, collaboration and effectiveness. It is instructive to follow the evolution of their strategy in response to the growing chorus of eBay employees who were demanding social tools, or had already snuck them in.

On first impression, Ramin Mobasseri eBay’s Enterprise Portals Solutions Manager and Maarten Sundman eBay’s SharePoint Architect appear to be an unlikely team. Both men speak in different languages: Mobasseri ‘business’ and Sundman ‘tech’. Yet both were equally determined to create a people-centric platform for eBay’s 18,000 employees.

Read more! http://www.businessinsider.com/revealed-ebays-playbook-for-social-business-adoption-2011-12

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