Yammer and SharePoint

So with the press today and yesterday around the supposed buy out of Yammer by Microsoft, I’ve noticed almost every single article says one of these:

  • Microsoft is taking a potential competitor to SharePoint out of the market
  • That SharePoint is failing to Oracle and SalesForce
  • SharePoint is not widely used and Yammer is

This has been shown on Forbes, BusinessInsider, Bloomberg, and many other sources.

I found the differing versions of those three statements seem pretty confusing, I think that anyone familiar with SharePoint would too. As SharePoint’s usage eclipses Yammer’s. The last published information details Yammer at four million users, and SharePoint at one hundred and twenty five million.  Oracle is effectively a non-player at this point, I can only think of one company I’ve ever worked with that had used Oracle, and they were moving away from it. Honestly Documentum is a bigger player than Oracle. I couldn’t find any hard numbers around SalesForce usage, but the usage scenario of SalesForce is a lot smaller footprint than SharePoint so I’d expect the user count to reflect that.

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